Founded by parents of children with Autism, Breakthrough Corporation, a non-profit agency, is changing the way Autism services are provided for in Tennessee.



Our guiding principles are to provide:


·        Nurturing and cost effective housing

·        Connections with family and community

·       Personal fulfillment through education and training, meaningful work and leisure activities

·        Safety of persons supported

·    Temporary relief for families in need of respite care

·   Training for family members, staff, therapists, instructors and interns


We offer: residential services, in-home supports, personal assistance, day services, a Saturday therapeutic recreation program; community based activities focusing on lifelong education, job skill development, community integration; Employment and Community First (ECF) services, and also host a social group for adults with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Our clear focus enables us to provide well trained staff, who meet the needs of those in our care. Breakthrough is supported by individual donors, foundations and local, state, and federal governments. We greatly appreciate those who have joined us in our work through donations, in-kind support, sponsorship of fundraising activities or volunteering and are always looking for opportunities to partner with others to fulfill our mission. Let us know how you can help.


                                       Who We Are

In 1999, a group of parents from the Autism Society of East Tennessee realized a cold, hard truth: once their children were old enough to no longer be supported by the systems available for youth with autistic spectrum disorders, they would enter a world without any frameworks to support living independent and productive lives. The small ember of an idea was mentioned during one of the regular support meetings: create a space in which this dream could be realized.

Imagine a neighborhood with communal spaces and beautiful houses. Consider jobs that didn’t just mean money, but a chance to perform fulfilling, meaningful work. Envision creating chances for lifelong learning, be it at a college, trade school, or right across the street.

This is Breakthrough of Knoxville's vision.

Our clear focus allows us to provide high quality staff, programs and activities that continue to advance the person-centered, family focused approach designed all those years ago.

With the help and support of the federal, state and local governments, the various foundations who have sponsored our continued success, and the individual donors like you, we continue to touch lives and foster the personal growth of the people we support.